Webster Co. Recorder hopefuls talk

Four of the five Democratic candidates for Webster County Recorder touted their experience and ability to learn a new position quickly at a forum Tuesday night.

Lyn Adson, Lindsay Boeckman, Bob Daniels and Bev Davis all answered questions from the audience during the hourlong event.

Stacy Gibbins was not present at the forum, hosted by the Well-Informed Webster People, because of a sudden death in her family, said host Sharon Hickey.

Boeckman said she was the most qualified candidate because she works well with people and adapts quickly to new technology.

“I grew up in the information age,” she said. “As we all know, the recorder’s office is going to electronic filing.”

Daniels brought up his years working in real estate, including owning his own real estate business.

“I know the documents that get recorded,” he said. “My 35-plus years in management will apply toward the managing of those documents.”

Davis cited her years of experience as a clerk in the County Treasurer’s office, working her way up from computer punch-card worker to first deputy.

“Records have been my life,” she said.

Adson said her time as mayor of Vincent has given her experience in management and budgeting. Her work as a NEW Co-op scale manager requires her to work very quickly and accurately, she said.

Davis said one of her priorities would be to make sure the office is a good place to work.

“You should like to come to work. You should have good morale,” she said. “That way the work gets done.”

The job will require seamless cooperation with other county departments, said Webster County Assessor Jeanette Thanupakorn. The ways of doing things also get constantly changed by new legislation. She asked if the candidates were “savvy” enough to keep up with quick changes.

“I have experienced that a little bit with our ambulance service, because of all the regulations with Medicare and Medicaid,” Adson said. “When they do a transition that requires us to recreate everything we already have on file, I’m the person who takes care of that task.”

She serves on the county Emergency Management Board, and is the Newark Colfax Township fire board secretary.

Julie Geopfert asked if the recorder position would be a full-time position for the candidates.

“Yes,” Adson said. “I find it interesting that that question keeps coming up.”

The other candidates also said yes.

“The recorder position can’t be handled effectively if it is not full-time,” Daniels said.

Boeckman said she knows how to work hard. She worked as a Fort Dodge Senior High soccer coach while also finishing her college degree 3 1/2 hours away at Northwest Missouri State University.

“I made it a priority to maintain a 4.0 GPA in my senior year at Northwest while driving up to coach soccer … at least three days a week,” she said.

The candidates spoke on the importance of staying within a budget, and keeping the office running efficiently.

“Ways you could do that would be to share information with other entities that need that information, which might be doing their own gathering at this point,” Daniels said. “That might be something we could economize.”

To win the nomination a candidate must receive at least 35 percent of the vote on June 3. Davis said it’s likely this won’t happen. In that case the Webster County Democratic Party delegates will decide on a candidate.

“Every vote does count,” Boeckman said.

“It’s important to vote for every elected office,” said Adson. “That’s how the county would know the right person is in that position.”