CCS concludes 2013-2014 year

Community Christian School celebrated the end of the 2013-14 year with an awards ceremony.

Parents were invited to watch as the students received awards for their academic performances and showing outstanding character.

The 2013-14 year was an exciting one, Margaret Shields, CCS dean of students, said.

“It has been an awing year,” she said. “God has provided for our school this year in ways we could not have even imagined. Being in a new building, there were lots of new things to have to figure out. We worked through them all.”

Diane Macek, CCS instructor, gave out fun awards and prizes to her students, including nicest smile, best listener and friendliest student.

“It was fun to give them things that maybe they weren’t expecting, see the qualities that I saw in them, that maybe they don’t see in themselves,” she said.

Macek said such awards are good for the students.

“It makes them feel good about themselves,” she said. “It gives them a little self-confidence and helps them get ready for next year.”

Instructor Sarah Deranleau honored the school’s Math Olympics students.

“It’s different Christian schools around the area,” she explained. “They do a pre-test and each school decides how many students they want to have participate.”

More than 20 students participated, Deranleau said.

“It was a challenging year for them,” she said. “The eighth-grade computation one was very time-consuming. This year’s was a lot more difficult.”

She added, “I’m very proud of them. They did very well.”

Four eighth-grade students graduated Friday with a special ceremony.

“They’re all going on into high school,” Shields said. “Some of them are doing a dual enrollment, doing some things online at home in combination with the school here in town.”

Shields described the day as sad, but happy. I April, the administrator announced her retirement following the school year. Tuesday was her last day with the students.

“I’ve known these children since they were very young. It’s fun to see how the teachers have noticed their growth. I’m looking forward to popping in next year and seeing them when I volunteer,” she said. “We’ve got wonderful families and wonderful kids, and I just can’t entirely give that up. It’s still a part of me.”

Jean Black, school board member, concluded the special morning by thanking Shields for her service.

“She put her heart and soul into this school. We talk about Christ and how he emptied himself for us. She … has emptied herself for this school,” she said. “You are a blessing to us.”

The students were dismissed for the summer at 10 a.m.