Appreciates the May baskets

To the editor:

On May Day – May 1 -members of the Falcon 4-H Club brought caramel corn and candy filled bags to the residents and students at Rabiner Treatment Center.

Some of our kids had never given or received a May basket. Giving or receiving a May basket probably isn’t a salient predictor of life success, but it does mean a lot to those who us who grew up in a world where May baskets were part of childhood education. Many kids in my generation and those following have had their parents driving all over town doing deliveries least someone important be forgotten.

My compliments go to the Falcon 4-H Club leader who used this opportunity to awaken a sense of social responsibility in her club. Because Rabiner Treatment Center is outside the city, it is often overlooked as a potential recipient of community good will. But the young lives residing here are part of the future of our community and our state. We can do much to prepare them for that future, but we need the help of the community at large to demonstrate that empathy – the part of our humanness that enables us to care about one another regardless of the differences between us – can be learned and practiced in small and large ways. The kids who participated in the making and delivery of this gift deserve praise; the kids who received the gift felt honored that others cared. Hopefully, they will experience the healing only empathy can bring many more times before they reach adulthood and become a role model in another person’s life.

Ann Davidson

Rabiner Treatment Center

Fort Dodge