‘Get out and vote’

To the editor:

Hello, Webster County residents. Let me start off as letting you know that I am a transplant to Fort Dodge and the Webster County area. I have resided in Fort Dodge and have worked as a public servant for nearly 20 years, and had the pleasure and many times displeasure of the results of previous county and city elections.

While my time here in the Webster County area is limited, I would like to make a point. It is unsettling and embarrassing the day after an election, when the news media reports sometimes less than 200 people show up to vote in a particular election. Equally unsettling is the fact that several thousand hard working, honest people are controlled by just a few hundred people that exercised their right to vote.

I am not happy with either political party, but I believe it would be refreshing to have an election take place and not appear as if the candidates are running for prom king or queen, thus popularity winning the vote. This can happen as it has many times in the past if residents are disinterested and take this right for granted.

I read a recent article in The Messenger that several Democrats are running for the office of recorder. Several that were mentioned in the article have numerous years as public servants or have endured numerous years working in the private sector and sacrificed personal/family time while securing a four-year degree.

I encourage you to secure a bright future for Webster County and surrounding cities by selecting the most qualified people in the upcoming county elections. Elected officials of any capacity in Webster County should know some history of every town in the county, not just the posted speed limit of those they pass through on the way to Okoboji. We need individuals that are gracious and caring, possessing intellectual skills and selfless commitment to all Webster County residents and not just a select few.

I implore you to get out and vote, don’t base your decision on the number of a candidates political yard signs. Please elect that self-disciplined candidate who knows what it’s like to juggle a 70-plus-hour work week, personal/family time and endless hours dedicated to achieving higher educational growth. We don’t need another elected official that just tossed their name in the electoral race because they feel they are privileged by family/religious or social connections.

Chuck Guthrie

Fort Dodge