Recorder candidates offer qualifications

Voters will determine the Democratic nominee for Webster County recorder at the primary vote on June 3.

The five candidates are Lindsay Boeckman, Stacy Gibbins, Bev Davis, Lyn Adson and Bob Daniels. Each of them spoke with The Messenger about why they are running for office and what would make them the best candidate for the job. They also explained their priorities and how their experiences qualify them.

Lyn Adson

Adson is mayor of Vincent, and a grain recording/scale operator at NEW Cooperative. She and husband Donovan Adson own Adson Auction Service.

Adson, 46, lives in Vincent and attended Iowa Central Community College for two years.

She has served on the City Council and is the Newark Colfax township fire board secretary.

“I’m running because it offers a great challenge and opportunity for personal growth for myself,” Adson said. “I’ve held two elected positions within my community, as a council member and currently as mayor. So working with the public is definitely something I enjoy. I’m familiar with the process.”

“I think everyone brings a unique gift to the table, and I feel with myself being the only candidate that has served in an elected position, I have great understanding and respect for the structure that’s set up within it,” she said.

Her position at the co-op entails entering data and working at a fast pace, she said, while her fire board duties include bookkeeping for the volunteer ambulance service and budgeting.

Her priorities would be to run the office in a smooth and efficient manner, work as a team with the employees and “continue the service that Judy (Cosgrove) has offered so eloquently,” she said.

Adson said she and her husband routinely volunteer their auctioning services to benefit area fire departments and other causes, including the Fort Dodge YWCA, the Domestic/Sexual Assault Outreach Center and private families who have been struck with tragedy throughout the county.

She has also worked with World Relief Projects with South Enes Lutheran Church in Vincent and is a UnityPoint Hospice Volunteer.

“In our household, we believe community service is not measured by one act, but a way of life,” she said.

Adson said if elected, she would leave her job at NEW Cooperative but continue as mayor and fire board secretary. The mayor position requires meetings once a month, plus work that can be done over email and in the evenings, she said, while the fire board meets quarterly.

Fundraising with the auction service is also done on weekends and evenings, she said.

“The recorder position would always be my top priority.”

Adson grew up in Clare and went to school in Barnum.

Lindsay Boeckman

Boeckman is an accounting coordinator at Hy-Vee. She has a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication from Northwest Missouri State University.

She is 24 years old and lives in Fort Dodge.

“I was raised to give back to the community, and public service is an excellent way to do that,” Boeckman said.

She said the position appeals to her because it will give her a chance to use her degree and communicate with the public.

“I am educated on how to communicate with people, and that’s something I would do on a daily basis as recorder,” she said. “I’ve grown up in the technology age.”

This is important because the office is transitioning to online records, Boeckman said.

Asked about priorities, she said, “Serving the people, and following the code, is the main thing. I won’t fully know how the position works until I get in there myself, but having a positive attitude, and the energy to want to do well and serve the public, I think, is very important.”

Boeckman was a coach for Fort Dodge Senior High women’s soccer two years ago.

“I was in my senior year at Northwest Missouri State, so I was traveling at least three days a week back to Fort Dodge, 3 1/2 hours one way to coach,” she said. “When I’m involved in something, I’m committed and dedicated to doing a good job.”

She is also a member of the Young Professionals. Boeckman is a Fort Dodge native, and graduated from St. Edmond.

Bob Daniels

Daniels is a contractor and a bus driver for the Fort Dodge Community School District. He is a licensed real estate broker and worked in the housing industry for more than 35 years.

Daniels, 57, lives in Fort Dodge. He has an associate degree from Iowa Central in business and math, and took courses in office administration, office management and accounting.

“I think this county is on the edge of a lot of good things. I’d like to be a part of that,” he said. “I feel the job is a very important one and commands a lot of respect.”

He also misses working with people on a daily basis, he said.

Daniels became a real estate broker after moving to Fort Dodge in 1986. In 1999, the real estate company he worked for closed down, and he started his own company where he managed an office that employed several other brokers. He closed that office in 2006.

He said those experiences in real estate directly qualify him for the recorder position.

“The job of county recorder is to record and maintain the records of those transactions. So I feel I have the education and experience to get the task done properly,” Daniels said. “My past experiences have prepared me well for this challenge.”

He said his priorities in office would be to continue the high level of excellence and to be as efficient as possible.

Daniels has volunteered with the North Central Iowa Humane Society, and donated time to D/SAOC in remodeling. He was a member of the Fort Dodge Jaycees and the National Association of Realtors.

Daniels grew up in Webster City.

Bev Davis

Davis most recently has worked temporary jobs through the QPS Employment Group.

“My temporary jobs have involved major companies in the Fort Dodge area, working in records, human resource records, payroll records,” she said.

Davis, 58, lives in Fort Dodge. She has an associate degree from Iowa Central and has completed 12 credits toward a bachelor’s degree at Buena Vista University. She is also a licensed practical nurse.

She has more than 23 years experience working in the Webster County treasurer’s office, beginning in 1977. She began by processing data punch cards for the early computer system, and worked her way up to the first deputy position.

“I feel well-qualified to serve the position, and I have the passion to serve,” Davis said. “I love the people of Webster County.”

She said her previous work with the county, and her experience with records and payrolls at other companies, makes her the best candidate for the recorder position.

“I understand how the offices interact. I understand the importance of cooperation and support among the different offices,” she said.

In her temporary jobs, “You have to have attention to detail, be organized in your work, have good communication skills to understand what the client would like to have you do.”

She was also a medical records director at Friendship Haven from 2001-2004.

One of her priorities in office would be to set high standards for customer service and efficiency.

“My priority is to be involved in the day to day operations, working side by side with those currently employed. My priority is to have us work cooperatively with the other offices,” she said.

She has been a member of Toastmasters since 2000. In addition to public speaking, she said the club teaches critical thinking and organization of thoughts.

Davis is a lifelong native of Fort Dodge.

Stacy Gibbins

Gibbins works as a human resources manager for Iowa Homecare in Fort Dodge. She has an associate degree in business from John Wood Community College in Quincy, Ill.

Gibbins, 45, lives in Fort Dodge.

“I really believe in the political process, and I thought it would be fun to be a part of it,” Gibbins said. “I think it would be an honor to serve in a public office.”

She had worked as an executive assistant and as administrative assistant for about 15 years.

She also worked for an attorney’s office for three years, which handled a lot of real estate cases. This gave her experience with the courthouse’s filing system, she said, both electronic filing and paper filing.

She also has worked with different kinds of software, and said she learns quickly.

“I feel I have the skills, I have the enthusiasm and the training in my background to do a successful job and serve the public,” Gibbins said.

Her priorities in office would be to do the best job possible in serving the public.

Before moving to Fort Dodge, she worked for three years for Genesis Development, a non-profit rehabilitation organization for people with disabilities. While there, she volunteered with what was called the Aktion Club, doing different activities.

Gibbins and husband Tony Gibbins own Heaven’s Best Carpet & Upholstery cleaning. They moved to Fort Dodge from Jefferson in April 2013.