‘It’s common sense’

To the editor:

When people set stuff out for junk days in Fort Dodge, I think it’d be obvious that their junk is near the curb, and not sitting right next to their house. My daughter had a seesaw sitting right beside her house, nowhere near her pile of junk by the curb that her 2-year-old daughter played with, that she also played with as a young child, probably 15 years ago that somebody stole.

Shouldn’t it be common sense that people’s “junk” is where the garbage man will grab it, by the curb? I believe that’s why they ask people to set their junk by the curb so that the garbage men don’t have to go looking around people’s yards looking for stuff they think is junk. whoever took it either lacks common sense, or thought it was a good opportunity to steal people’s belongings, whoever you were I hope you enjoy it because my granddaughter has been asking to play with it, and can’t anymore. I had a nice toy sitting up by my house during my junk days and nobody touched it. It’s common sense people.

Rachel Peterson