Reacts to quote

To the editor:

In regards to the Messenger article on May 14 addressing the Leadership Fort Dodge program, Mr. Eischeid is quoted: “the bottom line is you are not any better than that janitor that cleans that stool.”

I appreciate the intent of his statement but question why he chose to single out those who work in the custodial field. The intent of his presentation would have more meaning if he had chosen to leave out this statement.

As a military man, Mr. Eischeid should realize respect can’t be ordered. Respect can only be earned. Perhaps encouraging employees to take pride in their work and treating each other with respect and dignity would be a better choice of words.

I don’t know Mr. Eischeid and I don’t work in the custodial field, but I am blessed with having some really good friends who do. Hopefully he will be open-minded to other ideas.

Jim Batcheller

Fort Dodge