Laurens is going green

LAURENS – Officials with the city of Laurens are looking at making some improvements that will not only help the city, but also be more environmentally friendly.

The project, which is set to go to bid soon, will be a bio-retention cell.

“It will help filter water that stands in areas and send it back through the earth rather than running off into the creek,” City Manager Barb Smith said.

With the system now, Smith said, “you can always tell areas” where the water has been standing.

“This will allow the ground to accept more water and filter more water through,” she said. “The filter keeps it out of the storm sewer system and helps it flow naturally back into the ground.”

The system will be located near the softball diamond on Veterans Road.

In addition to the bio-retention cell, Smith said the city is also considering doing more green work to improve infrastructure.

“We’re looking at installing rain gardens to help with storm water runoff,” she said. “We’ll also possibly install pervious pavers either in the gutters or in the parking areas. We don’t have anything planned for that, but we’re looking into the possibility.”

She said city officials are in the “very, very early stages” of considering whether or not to take on more green projects.

“Green projects usually come when doing street replacement,” Smith said.

One recent street replacement project was just completed in the past year. The rebuild of Veterans Road included the installation of a new water line for the Good Samaritan Center Nursing home as well as storm sewer and street work.

“As we’re doing certain streets, we’ll sometimes find we have problems with storm water standing,” Smith said. “We’ll look at those areas and put in rain gardens or pervious pavers to help alleviate the standing water.”