Pay attention to this election

To the editor:

In just a few weeks, you, the voters of Webster County will have the opportunity to select a candidate for county recorder. The current recorder, Judy Cosgrove, is retiring at the end of her term. The June 3 primary election is the preliminary step for a candidate to run against the other party’s candidate in the November general election. This makes the primary a very important part of the process since your vote in this election determines the candidates who will appear on the ballot in November.

We have a unique situation for this upcoming primary, one that has not happened in perhaps 40 years or more in the county elections. Typically, there are one or two people seeking their party’s nod for a county position; in this race there are five Democrats. For the Democrat to advance to the general election to square off against the lone Republican candidate, she or he must receive 35 percent of the votes (out of a field of five) in the Democratic primary. If nobody garners the needed 35 percent, the Democrats will reconvene and select a candidate, which will not necessarily be one of the five currently running.

If this occurs, that means that only 30 persons will determine the candidate for county recorder. Voters, I implore you to not let this happen. Let your voice be heard. I urge you to carefully evaluate the candidates by asking questions, reading about them and attending scheduled forums. When you have decided on the most qualified candidate, please vote for that person – on or before June 3.

There are different options to cast your vote. You may vote at the county auditor’s office in the courthouse, or you may request that their office mail you an absentee ballot, then return it to them. Another option is to vote on Election Day – June 3 – at the polling place in your precinct. In any case, please remember to ask for a ballot for the Democratic primary. If you are not currently registered as a Democrat, you may change your party affiliation, vote, and then change back.

For any questions on absentee ballots, voter registrations, or other matters regarding this election, please contact the county auditor’s office.

Your vote – now or on June 3 – has enormous impact.

Please exercise your right to vote.

Archie Larson

Fort Dodge