Wants local contractors

To the editor:

Reference to Bill Shea’s report on April 28, City Council meeting (Messenger April 29, 2014), I would like to make a suggestion. I understand that the council made the decision for hiring an Ames firm based on a “crisis” situation on Second Avenue North. Apparently the Ames firm had gone through the process involving “reviews of their qualifications” and they were deemed “best suited to do the work.” (Saving 60-90 days for those not qualified).

I would think that most members of the City Council and Fort Dodge administrative staff have traveled Second Avenue North daily, so it seems interesting that the condition of the avenue is a surprise and is now a “crisis.”

Being we have a few more “crises” in the waiting, may I suggest we proactively qualify local engineering firms so when we have to deal with the next “crisis” that needs to be immediately addressed, the local contractors may be considered. Is it not better to hire personnel that pay Fort Dodge/Webster County taxes and support the community than to pay Ames/Story County taxes and support the Ames community? I would ask the City Council to be proactive on this issue. As I noted, there are a few more “crises” on needed street/avenue repairs in the waiting.

Steve Rozek

Fort Dodge