Appreciates longtime support

To the editor:

The Messenger was kind enough to share with area readers that Gov. Branstad recently appointed me to serve as the chair of PERB, which has oversight in the area of government contracts and employment. The Iowa Senate confirmed that appointment and I began serving in that role on Thursday.

Simply put, I am honored and humbled to be chosen for this position. I am writing to express my sincere interest in doing the absolute best that I can in this role for all Iowans.

I have been fortunate to have had many terrific experiences in public service. As a teacher, coach, athletic director, mayor and just concluding service in the Iowa Department of Education, it has been a blessing to serve in these roles. But, my life changed when I was selected to serve as a state representative in Webster County.

I am writing this letter to share my gratitude to folks in the Fort Dodge area for taking a chance on me as a young man coming out of college. To have served eight years representing my home town was and continues to be something I could not express enough thanks for. I know that being placed as chairman of a state agency board, that would not have taken place without having served in that capacity. As a result, I hope that when I have assumed that position on Thursday, it can be known that I will never forget who helped me to this present opportunity.

Fort Dodge and Webster County are always home to me. I wish nothing but the best for the north central Iowa area. I enjoy getting back when I can and have done my best to give back by helping the Patterson Field effort in a small role to keep that field going. Whenever I hear of progress in the Fort Dodge area, I am glad that takes place and hope more is to come.

Before rolling up my sleeves and getting to work at PERB, again, I just want to thank the good people reading this for this chance. I will do my best to try to make you proud.

Thank you.

Mike Cormack

Des Moines