10 area towns get thousands in state grants

Ten area communities have received a monetary boost to help complete projects that will benefit their communities.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded $23.8 million in Community Development Block Grants to help complete 72 community investment projects statewide.

The money covers a wide variety of projects, according to Tina Hoffman, spokesperson for the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

“There were some awards for water sewer projects, some community facilities like day cares and community centers, and some for housing,” Hoffman said. “Awards were also given for infrastructure work.”

To receive the grant, communities had to send in applications which were then evaluated.

“We have limited funding so we try to prioritize,” Hoffman said. “We want to help fund these projects so they can come to fruition.”

She added that the money will benefit the communities.

“This kind of money can go a long way in helping to make improvements so that they’re communities where people want to live and communities to invest in,” she said.

Grants awarded to area communities for local water/sewer projects include:

Clarion: $291,900, for rehabiliation of sanitary sewer collection system to help prevent backup to homes;

Fonda: $300,000, to replace treatment plant equipment to reduce high concentrations of ammonia in the raw water supply;

Rockwell City: $500,000, to upgrade and improve the sanitary sewer collection system;

Stratford: $300,000, to strengthen the city’s sanitary sewer system to reduce the infiltration level in the wastewater collection system;

Titonka: $300,000, for sealing leaks in manholes and service connections and lining of mains in the collection system.

Grants awarded to area communities for housing sustainability projects include:

Clarion: $342,990, for PlanScape;

Dakota City: $231,564, for MSA Professional Services;

Lytton: $160,000, for Region XII Council of Governments.

Grants awarded to area communities for downtown revitilazation projects include:

Garner: $500,000, to rehabilitate the facades of 17 buildings;

Ida Grove: $500,000, to rehabilitate the facades of 19 buildings.