You are invited

To the editor:

If you know Tom and Norma Schmoker, you know they have been silent supporters of our community for many, many years. So it only seems appropriate that they would be a major supporter of a program that has been a silent support system for so many individuals for over 20 years. Currently over 60 people, anywhere from age 18 to over 90, come from three counties to the new Schmoker Adult Day during the week to find themselves in an environment that has become a second family to them.

I would like to invite you to join us on Monday, May 5, from 4 to 6 p.m. for a grand opening to recognize and celebrate this awesome Friendship Haven program. This will also give us the opportunity to recognize Tom and Norma. They have been so generous to help make this building happen. The beauty of this is, if participants didn’t come to us for half- or full-day services, I’m not sure what they would do with their time. You can stop in during the day and see that they are having fun, receiving some personal cares and most importantly having purpose during their day.

Our program director, Amy DeLanoit, describes the environment as not only fun, but electric. At any given time, you can find the participants exercising, playing games, telling jokes, playing cards, swimming, dancing, who knows what the day may bring. Most importantly they have fun, and now they have a new beautiful home to enjoy.

This building is one of the final pieces of our $38 million campus renovation project. For over 24 months we have been “under construction,” and it’s so rewarding to finally see all the pieces come together. Schmoker Adult Day has been a silent but very integral part of our campus. We are very honored to officially welcome the participants to their new home on Monday.

Julie Thorson


Friendship Haven

Fort Dodge