Repaving projects ahead

POCAHONTAS – A section of Iowa Highway 3 that crosses the eastern half of Pocahontas County will be repaved this year, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Another paving project will improve Iowa Highway 4 in southern Pocahontas County and northern Calhoun County.

Last summer, DOT crews used a large milling machine to grind down high spots on Iowa Highway 3 between Pocahontas and Gilmore City. That effort did eliminate the high spots, but left a rough driving surface.

The paving project scheduled to start late next month will restore a smooth driving surface.

Tony Lazarowicz, a district engineer for the DOT, said the project will extend from Iowa Highway 4 on the west side of Pocahontas to Gilmore City.

He said the highway will be patched within the Pocahontas city limits. The 11-mile stretch between Pocahontas and Gilmore City will be repaved, he added.

The project is estimated to cost $5.8 million.

The Department of Transportation will award a contract for the work early next month. The job is expected to begin late next month. Lazarowicz said the work should be finished by the end of this year’s construction season.

About three miles of Iowa Highway 4 in Calhoun and Pocahontas counties will also be repaved this year.

The area to be repaved extends from the south end of Pomeroy in Calhoun County to Iowa Highway 7 in Pocahontas County.

Traffic will be detoured through Pomeroy while crews work on the highway beneath the Canadian National Railway bridge there.