Federal debt keeps going up

Tax Freedom Day for Americans, on average, was April 21 this year. That was the day on which, according to The Tax Foundation, we as a nation had earned enough money to pay our local, state and federal tax bills.

Tax Freedom Day has grown later and later, in a steady march toward crushing Americans under a high tax burden. Just five years ago in 2009, Tax Freedom Day was April 10.

Paying our tax bills, again, on average, will suck up 30.2 percent of what we Americans earn this year.

And that is only the half of it, as The Tax Foundation points out. Unwilling to risk demanding higher taxes to cover all its increase in the size of government, too many in Congress have opted to increase borrowing.

The national debt has topped $17 trillion – more than $53,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. Spending the entire nation into the poorhouse is not a sensible course for America.