New test set for FDFD

A testing process to identify candidates for any future vacancies in the Fort Dodge Fire Department was established Wednesday by the city’s Civil Service Commission.

First, however, the commission voted to scrap the existing firefighter civil service list. Commission Chairman Stuart Cochrane said that step was taken after Assistant Fire Chief Woody Wolfe and Jim Vollmer, the city’s human resources director, said there are no suitable firefighter candidates left on it.

Then the commission voted to establish the new testing process.

Applications from prospective firefighters will be accepted from April 21 to May 16, according to Deputy City Clerk Dawn Siebken.

She said the written exam will be conducted May 30 at Iowa Central Community College. The physical agility test will be held May 31 at the firehouse, 1515 Central Ave., she said.

Any new firefighters will have to be certified as emergency medical technicians at the time they are hired. The City Council approved that requirement on Monday upon the recommendation of the Civil Service Commission.

Three new firefighters were hired by the council Monday, and there are no vacancies in the 31-member department.

Cochrane said both the police and fire departments maintain lists of entry-level candidates even when there are no vacancies.

”I think they’re being pro-active and getting a list ready for when the need arises,” he said.