Wants Dick Tracy kept

To the editor:

After reading the writer’s opinion about retiring Dick Tracy from the comic section because it’s been around so long, I am not upset, I just have a different view. He is right, some of the comics have been in print a long time, but I too, like the writer, have been reading comics for over 50 years and thoroughly enjoy them no matter how old they are. Blondie and Dagwood, like Dick Tracy, started in the 1930s too. Peanuts (still reprinted) and Beetle Bailey began in the 1950s.

I personally look forward to reading Dick Tracy. It is one of the few ongoing storyline comics, unlike most one-liner comics. Each day you get to watch the story unfold as Tracy foils his colorful villains like Mr. Crime, the Mole, Shakey, the Brow, Mumbles, Flattop. The list of characters is endless and the artistry is exceptionally distinctive. His sidekick Sam Catchem and other good guys, B.O. and Sparkle Plenty, Moon Maid and Gravel Gertie, are always out to catch the bad guy. Dick Tracy is like a superhero, Batman, Superman, always after these eccentric characters.

I would hate to see Dick Tracy removed from the comic section. In fact, I enjoy reading them all and would like to see another page of comics added to the paper to offset all of the depressing news.

And I always wanted to have a Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist Radio since I was a kid. Way ahead of cell phones. I wonder if I can still get one.

Mike Zahm

Fort Dodge