FD girls in action at the nets

JOHNSTON – The Dodgers competed in a round robin tournament format with two singles and two doubles entries.

Senior Kari Grindberg and junior Emily Knight won the Doubles 1 championship, going 5-1 on the day.

“It was good to see them hold their own against highly ranked doubles teams,” said Fort Dodge head coach Karine Feddersen. “It was great to meet some different opponents.”

Elizabeth Thomas and Jamie Haden went 3-3 in No. 2 Doubles.

In No. 1 singles action, Ayenna Cagaanan was 1-2 and Gretta Lee was 2-3 in No. 2 singles action.

On the JV side, Emma Bruen and Taylor Shirbroun were 2-3. Anna Bruen and Kelsey Albretch were 2-4.

The Dodgers are at Dowling on Tuesday.