From our files: April 8, 2014

April 8, 2004

NEWS: The Curious Kids Museum was dismantling and selling its exhibits after shutting down.

SPORTS: Lisa Koll took two first-place finishes at the Waukee Invitational track meet.

April 8, 1989

NEWS: The Rev. Bonifacio Mequi, superintendent of the Fort Dodge District of the Iowa United Methodist Church, talked about his years in the ministry.

SPORTS: About 300 kids ages 8-16 attended the Minnesota Twins clinic at the YMCA.

April 8, 1964

NEWS: A ewe owned by Lee and Hazel Trask, of Lehigh, gave birth to quadruplet lambs.

SPORTS: Webster City beat St. Edmond 103-34 in a dual track meet.