King Band awards scholarships

Lucas Yoakam is no stranger to the stage. But as he faced an empty auditorium, practicing for his solo performance a few hours away, he felt just a bit nervous.

“I’ve done it before, but it always gets to me,” Yoakam said. “I think I’ll be fine.”

Yoakam had impressed the judges with his trumpet solo that morning, earning him the $1,000 scholarship at the annual Karl King Memorial Scholarship Concert Sunday.

He also won the chance to solo during the concert.

Yoakam and Daniel Benson were the only two students to try out for that award this year.

The solo is pretty hard, Yoakam said.

“The trumpet professor at Iowa State always makes his students play it,” he said. “I take lessons with him, and he said I might as well learn it now.”

Yoakam plans to attend Iowa State University next year and study music education. He is currently a senior at Humboldt High School.

Two $500 scholarships for Iowa Central Community College were also given out, won by Ica McMahon and Christian Stogdill, both currently freshmen at ICCC.

All four students joined with the King band in playing the “Pan-American March,” in celebration of the ICCC Focus Series featured country, Peru.

It was the first time McMahon and Stogdill had played with the band.

“It’s a pretty different experience,” McMahon said. “You’re used to playing with your peers, and now you get to play with professionals.”

Benson also said it was his first time with the band. Currently a senior at Carroll, he plans to major in music ed at the University of Northern Iowa, and possibly get his Ph. D. in music someday.

He’s been on a sort of a ‘tour’ playing for different scholarship opportunities.

“It’s like going from gig to gig,” he said. “It’s been a lot of fun. I felt like I grew a lot, too. I’d never done solos before this year. … I found out I could do a lot more than I thought.”

Though he didn’t win the scholarship, the judges strongly recommended he come back and try out again next year.

Yoakam said his accompanist, Andrea Minikis, put on quite a performance too.

“This song’s really hard for piano. She needs like 30 fingers to play it,” he said.