Wants garbage container changes

To the editor:

In response to the Letter to the Editor with respect to the challenges with the current garbage containers, I completely agree.

I am a senior citizen, roughly 5 foot tall, and am challenged to manage these large containers. These containers, which are 41 inches tall, 30 inches wide on top, must be tipped on the large rear wheels to move. This is very difficult and next to impossible if it was ever full.

Many of my fellow senior citizens have also commented about the challenges with handling these large containers. Age, physical challenges, and other handicaps make these large containers difficult to move.

Although I am sure there are families that can fill one of these containers in a week and the ability to have the truck lift the containers makes the job safer for the workers, the one size fits all container does not seem right.

I have been told that Sioux City and Cedar Rapids have different sized containers for the residents and that the trucks can pick up all of the sizes. This would seem to be a better option since a smaller container would certainly be a better fit for many smaller families or singles.

Please contact your elected public officials by telephone, letter or personally talk to them to let them know what your current needs are.

These containers are just too big for most peoples’ needs and are frankly a safety hazard for many. I will be the first to put in my order for a smaller container when they become available. Remember, “One size does not fit all.”

Marlys Huebsch

Fort Dodge