They laud Citizen’s Academy

To the editor:

A wonderful experience was enjoyed by both of us as participants in the Fort Dodge/Webster County Citizen’s Academy this past fall. We made many new friends within our “safety community” and with our classmates.

This was a first-class introductory course teaching us and involving us with the Fort Dodge Police Department and Fire Department; Webster County’s Sheriff Department, Webster County attorney’s office, Webster County Courthouse, Juvenile Court Services, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Iowa State Highway Patrol. Meeting with and learning from the men and women who are concerned with our safety and health 24-7. Thank you all.

Thank you to the academy’s leader, Fort Dodge Police Chief Tim Carmody. Also, a thank you to the variety of restaurants that catered a dinner meal to begin each meeting.

A memorable experience, a learning experience, yes. If you get the opportunity to attend and graduate from this academy, we definitely recommend it.

Roy Chase

Ann Chase

Fort Dodge