At the library

When patrons come to visit the Fort Dodge Public Library, it’s likely the first people they see are the ones behind the circulation desk, who are either greeting guests or helping someone check out library materials.

One of those faces patrons may see as they walk in the library is Susan Messerly, who has worked behind the circulation desk for almost two years.

Messerly said she decided to work at the library because she was interested in working with the public.

“It’s really rewarding,” she said. “I love the atmosphere here, and it’s very enjoyable.”

The Fort Dodge Public Library is the first that Messerly has worked at. What attracted her to the library is the amount of knowledge that can be found there.

“I love the books, the reading, the knowledge,” she said. “The library is just full of it.”

As a circulation desk assistant, Messerly said she has several different responsibilities.

“I check out and renew books,” she said. “I take phone calls and look for books and other materials, and I also help pay fines. This is the place to do all of that.”

No two days are exactly the same, according to Messerly.

“It’s usually a little different and depends on the day,” she said. “Some days we’re busy and have a lot to do. There’s always different types of people and many times I’m looking up books for people to help find them.”

Even though the days are different, sometimes Messerly said it’s doing the same thing but with different people.

“There’s new people all the time,” she said. “There’s always the same stuff, just a little different depending on the people.”

In fact, it’s seeing all the new people that makes her job so enjoyable, according to Messerly.

“I like interacting with the people and helping them,” she said. “It’s nice that they like to read books, and all the people are interesting.”

While the job does have challenges, Messerly said nothing gets overwhelming.

“It just depends on what’s going on and what day it is,” she said.

Messerly added that she likes being a part of the Fort Dodge community by working at the library.

“It’s very enjoyable, and there’s a nice atmosphere here at the library,” she said. “You see all different types of people.”