Speedy scouts hit the track

Tiger Scouts Sam Myer and Royce Pederson brought important tools to the Pinewood Derby this year – smartphones and iPods. Before their little wooden cars were released and raced down the ramp, the scouts had their devices up, ready to take a video.

Sunday’s event brought in scouts from all across the Boy Scouts Twin Lakes District, and of all ages. There were heats for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and their siblings too. Even parents could enter a car in the 10-ounce open adult class. Scout cars were limited to 5 ounces

“We have some dads that are really into helping their kids,” said Linda Ayers, Twin Lakes District executive.

There were 76 registered for the race, held at the Career Education Building at Iowa Central Community College. Boy Scouts helped out by releasing the cars for the younger scouts’ races.

Greg Marquart, of Manson, entered the race along with his sons.

“My son is a Wolf Scout,” Marquart said. “I cut it out for him, and he painted it. His five-year-old brother wanted to use my car from when I was a cub scout.

“My dad made mine, I told him how I wanted it and everything,” he said. “My son told me how he wanted his.”

Connor Youngdale, 10, of Clare, said it took him about five days to make his car. His design process was pretty simple.

“I just drew it on paper, and went with it,” Youngdale said.

At the race, Youngdale said he has to keep an eye on his axles so they don’t run out of graphite powder lubricant.

Owen Eldridge, 8, of Clare, said making the car was his favorite part.

His looks “sort of like a race car,” he said. “We made it faster by cutting off the front, and we put flames on it.”

Does he think he could win?

“No,” Eldridge said.

Youngdale was more optimistic.

“Sure,” he said. “You have to hope for the best.”

Deanthonie Gully, 9, of Fort Dodge, enjoyed racing, but winning wasn’t the first thing on his mind.

He likes the race, he said, “because I get to see lots of people. I like to see their families cheer for them and see them win.”