New shelter planned for E.G.

EAGLE GROVE – Visitors to Eagle Grove’s Greenwood Park will soon be able to have a more usable shelter after the construction of a new facility this summer.

The new shelter, which will be replacing the one located near the skateboard park, will be larger and have more amenities than the one standing now.

The idea for replacing the shelter came about after people began asking the Eagle Grove Parks and Recreation Board about the request.

“A lot of people have been using the park, and the shelter we had was pretty old and pretty small,” board president Bob Torkelson said. “There was a need for people to stay out of the heat and the sun.”

The current shelter was described by Torkelson as “a real flimsy tin roof-type building.”

“It’s a 20-by-22 foot, metal structure with no utilities,” he said. “This new one will be a nice stone building and a pretty nice-looking structure.”

The new shelter will also be larger at 28 by 52 feet.

“We’re going to have a concrete counter top with 28 electrical outlets, so people can use items like crock pots,” he said. “It’ll help keep food warm in the shelter.”

There will also be two fire rings installed outside the shelter.

The city of Eagle Grove has been supportive of the project, according to Torkelson. At a recent city council meeting, $25,000 was approved to fund half the cost of the shelter.

“The other half will be coming from Foundation of the Future, which is a charitable organization in Eagle Grove and the surrounding communities,” Torkelson said.

Demolition and construction are expected to begin after the bidding process, according to Torkelson.

“We’re expecting to have the bids back by April 14,” he said. “We want the shelter to be completed by July 1, so it’ll be ready in time for the fair.”