Farnhamville has a new chief

FARNHAMVILLE – Patrick Monaghan, the new police chief in Farnhamville, is happy to be getting to know the residents of the town he is working to serve.

Monaghan, who began his duties during the first week of February, said that it makes for a better working relationship.

“You get to know people not just on a professional basis, but also on a friendship basis,” he said.

He said that it helps him practice community policing in an environment of mutual trust and respect.

Monaghan’s interest in a law enforcement career goes back to his teens. He was able to spend some time with then-Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Haupert.

“I did some ride-alongs,” he said.

Haupert is now sheriff of Greene County. Monaghan said that he was positive role model and continues to serve as a mentor.

There are many things Monaghan likes about working in law enforcement.

“I enjoy getting to talk to a lot of people,” he said. “I enjoy helping people, the work and the camaraderie with the other officers.”

While his position is full time, the nature of the job means that he may get called out at some odd hours.

“I’m on call pretty much all the time,” he said.

In addition to serving as police chief, he’s also a member of both the Gowrie and Farnhamville fire departments.

He also served a six-year enlistment in the Army National Guard, he was assigned to an aviation unit in Boone. He is a 2011 graduate of Iowa Central Community College with a degree in criminal justice.

Prior to accepting his position in Farnhamville, he served as a reserve officer in Gowrie.

He is still learning as he goes along, so progressing to a full-time chief’s position is a change.

“There’s a lot more responsibility,” he said.

But he’s OK with that and wants to stick around.

“I enjoy the small town,” he said.