It’s vital to sell Fort Dodge and Webster County in Washington, D.C.

Visiting our nation’s capital is always an adventure.

Walking the hallways where history was made and continues to unfold is seductive for even the most jaded among us. One cannot help but be impressed – and maybe made a bit uneasy – by the massive bureaucracy at the governmental heart of the world’s most powerful nation.

Whether we like it or not, what happens in Washington, D.C., has ramifications right here in Fort Dodge and north central Iowa.

That’s why a group of government and community leaders from Fort Dodge journeyed to Washington this past week to make certain that lawmakers and bureaucrats understood how the actions they take will affect the city and the region.

Fort Dodge leaders have been making annual visits to Washington for more than a dozen years.

The goal of the trip was quite simply to educate legislators and others about projects important to our area and solicit their help in making certain that local needs are considered by the federal government.

This year’s delegation consisted of eight city and county officials and community leaders, joined by two engineers involved in major local projects.

The local leaders who made the journey were:

Kim Alstott, a Fort Dodge City Council member,

Matt Bemrich, Fort Dodge mayor,

Mark Campbell, a member of the Webster County Board of Supervisors,

Rhonda Chambers, director of aviation at Fort Dodge Regional Airport,

David Fierke, Fort Dodge city manager,

Jim Kersten, associate vice president of Iowa Central Community College,

Terry Moehnke, a Fort Dodge City Council member and

Dennis Plautz, chief executive officer of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance.

The two engineers who participated were Derick Anderson, northwest Iowa market manager for McClure Engineering Co., of Fort Dodge, and Wade Greiman, transportation group leader for Snyder & Associates, of Ankeny.

The Messenger thanks these individuals for the time and resources they devoted to this undertaking. Championing our community’s many important projects is vital work that benefits us all.