Bigger and better

MOORLAND – Tuesday night was moving night for some of the gear at the Moorland Fire Department’s station. It went from the old rescue truck into the compartments of a new one.

Assistant Fire Chief Brad Hoffman said it was time for a new one.

“It’s been a really good truck,” he said of the old unit, a 1983 model. “We just outgrew it.”

The new truck is built on a 2002 Ford F550 frame. It was purchased from the Johnstown, Colo., Fire Department for $58,000 with funding coming from the department’s annual budget.

The new rig has several features that will help the department respond to a wider variety of emergencies.

Hoffman said it features a crew cab that can seat five firefighters. The onboard tank holds 150 gallons of water. There is a foam system for car fires. a deck gun and a 1-inch line for grass fires. There is a much-improved lighting system for night time use and an onboard 110 volt generator to supply power to lights and tools.

It even has two nozzles mounted on the front bumper that can be turned on from inside the cab. They are used at grass and brush fires.

“We all liked that,” Hoffman said.

The new truck will see a lot of use.

“It’s our primary truck for all calls,” he said. “It’s our first truck out.”

Because the truck is equipped with a pumping system, it can serve in that role at locations where the department’s larger main pumper might not be able to go.

“We can bring this in,” Hoffman said.

He said the department is considering making one change to the truck if funds to do so become available.

“We would like to change the deck gun to operate by remote control from the cab,” he said.

By the end of the evening, all the hoses, pumps and accessories for their hydraulic extraction equipment will be onboard and ready to use.

The old 94-397 – the truck’s call number – will then await being sold. The new 94-397 will wait for its first call out.

“It will be in service after tonight,” Hoffman said.