Dunkin’ Donuts may be coming to FD

Another new business project along Fifth Avenue South will come before the Fort Dodge City Council on Monday.

The proposed project would create a Dunkin’ Donuts shop and an AT&T phone store, according to information submitted to the city by the developer.

The council meeting will begin at 5 p.m. Monday in the Municipal Building, 819 First Ave. S., with some workshop discussions. The first of those workshops will focus on a federally funded project to identify polluted properties in the city.

The second workshop will be about proposed changes in zoning laws.

The council’s regular business meeting will start at 6 p.m. in the Municipal Building.

During that session, the elected officials will consider selling some property in a move that would lead to the creation of the Dunkin’ Donuts and AT&T stores, plus another retail business, which hasn’t been named. The measure before the council calls for selling a 300-by-68-foot lot in the 2500 block of Fifth Avenue South to SMO Real Estate LLC, of Fort Dodge, for $68,000.

That company is proposing to build a 5,270-square-foot building to house the three businesses. It would be completed within a year after the retail tenants formally commit to the project.

A second proposal from Woodruff Construction, of Fort Dodge, would result in a 4,500-square-foot building to be occupied by a national retailer that wasn’t named in the company’s proposal. Woodruff Construction also offered $68,000 for the property.

The city staff is recommending that the council sell the property to SMO Real Estate LLC.

Also on Monday’s council agenda are a proposal to lease space on a water tower for a cell phone antenna, awarding some contracts for engineering work related to the crosstown connector, and buying a car to be used by the Department of Engineering, Business Affairs and Community Growth.