Knudtson wins Dayton council seat

DAYTON – A special election held to determine who will occupy a seat on the Dayton City Council has been won by Mark Knudtson of Dayton. He was running against Tyler Johnson.

According to Webster County Auditor Carol Messerly, Knudtson received 62 votes out of 98 ballots cast. Johnson received 36 votes.

The empty seat was initially the result of the resignation of Meredith Gallentine. She resigned on Jan. 8 when she gave written notice to the Council during their regular meeting. She did not state publicly why she was leaving the position.

During that meeting, both Johnson and Knudtson offered themselves as candidates for the empty position. The Council selected Tyler Johnson to fill the vacancy. He was sworn in at the meeting.

During the Feb. 12 meeting of the Council, a petition was submitted to the board calling for a special election to fill the seat once again leaving the seat empty until yesterday’s election.

Dayton residents vote at the Dayton Community Center.