Humboldt Supervisors address questions about county shop

DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors addressed concerns about the future of the county shop at Gilmore City Monday.

In 2012, the county had new shops built at Hardy and Bode with the idea of closing some of the older shops, including Gilmore City.

Supervisor Jerry Haverly said the shop is more than 50 years old and is expensive to maintain and heat. There are also Occupational Safety and Health Administration concerns about having a single person working alone in the shop, he said.

A decision on the shop will likely happen within a year, but there will be a public hearing first, Haverly said.

County Engineer Paul Jacobson said the board needs to decide whether to invest more money into the building or close it.

In other business, Rick Pate asked the board about the use of utility terrain vehicles on county roads. He had recently moved to Humboldt County and purchased one of the vehicles but learned the county does not have a policy on their use. All-terrain vehicles are allowed by farmers for agricultural uses in Humboldt County, but Pate is not a farmer.

Supervisor Harlan Hansen said the Iowa Legislature is considering a bill on their use statewide on county roads. Jacobson said the bill does not apply to cities. That decision would be left up to each city and the county could still ban the vehicles from county roads even if the state bill passes, he said.