2014 ISU Animal Industry Report now online

AMES (ISU) – The 2014 Iowa State University Animal Industry Report is available online.

This report features a variety of animal industry-related research done at ISU, that was supported by the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station.

This year’s edition has more than 100 articles organized under 10 categories.

The report, including a table of contents, is available on the AIR portion of the ISU animal science department website at www.ans.iastate.edu/report/air.

The report combines reports from researchers on campus and out in the state, as well as including research that relates to the beef, dairy, poultry, sheep, and swine industries in Iowa, said Maynard Hogberg, an ISU animal scientist.

It also has sections on animal health, companion animals and the environment.

A variety of professionals conducted the research for this report, including ISU faculty, staff and graduate students; visiting scholars; ISU Extension field staff; and collaborators from other universities and professors.