2014-15 will be Corwith- Wesley’s last year

CORWITH – Corwith-Wesley Community School District will dissolve after the 2014-15 school year.

The decision follows meetings between the district’s school board and the School Budget Review Committee, according to Jon Hueser, CWCSD superintendent.

“We had worked through going through whole-grade sharing with Algona, and whole-grade sharing with LuVerne; the elementary, middle school, high school going to Algona,” Hueser said. “We have been in front of the SBRC, last year and then this year, and going in front of the SBRC this year their question was, if you’re not educating students in your building or any building in your district, are you a viable district?”

Corwith-Wesley arranged the whole-grade sharing agreements after explaining to its community in April that the school district could not generate the funds needed to continue to operate due to declining enrollment and increased costs.

The option to dissolve, though, was not foreseen, Hueser said.

“It was sprung on us before we went to the SBRC meeting in December,” he said. “We had not talked about dissolution until that time.”

The CWCSD board has started its preparations for dissolution. Among its decisions, a dissolution committee must consider what to do with district property.

“The commission will meet. They will take input from the public landowners about what district they would like their property to go to. And then the commission makes a decision on where to split up the district’s property,” Hueser said.

It is likely, Hueser said, the commission will favor the majority of the district’s property going to LuVerne.

“You can, by law, put up to 95 percent toward one district, and we won’t push that number. I don’t see us pushing that,” he said. “I see the majority of the kids, if they become LuVerne kids and they’re in the middle school and high school, they’ll still go to Algona.”

Hueser said LuVerne Community School District will be unaffected.

“LuVerne will be whole-grade sharing their middle school, high school in the 2015-2016 year with Algona,” he said.

Though lamentable, the district had already arrived at its closing chapter, Hueser said.

“It was going to be the last year anyway. They weren’t going to be educating kids in Corwith-Wesley district,” he said. “In the long run, it may be a cleaner option. Three of the members of the commission are board members. We’ve had a good working relationship with LuVerne. We’ve been very pleased with how our elementary kids have been educated in LuVerne.”