From our Files, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2004

NEWS: A fire at Sparboe Farms near Clare destroyed one of two growing barns and killed around 82,000 chickens.

SPORTS: The Twin River Valley eighth-grade girls placed second in a tournament in Storm Lake.

March 6, 1989

NEWS: Grant Moline, 12, of Manson, had one ewe give birth to quintuplets and two ewes give birth to quadruplets.

SPORTS: Iowa Central beat Waldorf 80-78 in men’s basketball.

March 6, 1964

NEWS: Richard H. Headlee, a Fort Dodge native and national president of the Jaycees, spoke at the Fort Dodge Jaycee meeting and received a key to the city.

SPORTS: Lady Behrens bowled a 233 game in the Women’s Classic league.