Iowa Central wins two more

MILLINGTON, Tenn. – The Iowa Central baseball team won two more games to go 5-0 in the Millington tournament.

The Tritons (6-3 overall) are the first team to go undefeated in the tournament.

They beat Muscatine 3-2 in extra innings and knocked off Lackawanna 12-2.

Fort Dodge graduate Tyler Vaughn pitched six strong innings against Muscatine.

Vaughn struck out five and walked two.

Fort Dodge graduate Luke?Vandermaten earned his fourth save.

Tanner Buenting and Jason Galeano had two hits each. Noah Pickard had two RBI.

Against Lackawanna Buenting and Andy DeJesus had three hits. DeJesus drove in five runs.

Damian Rutherford and Pickard had two hits.

“This is the first time someone went undefeated,” said Iowa Central head coach Rick Pederson. “We really grew up this weekend.”