Generous community

To the editor:

Not many people sit around and ask, “Where should I donate my money today?” There are so many great causes in particular in our community. There have been several capital campaigns lately, and there is always a fundraising opportunity for all of us to donate to meaningful causes. We are a generous community.

At Friendship Haven we recently completed a $3.5 million capital campaign. When we originally kicked it off over three years ago, I had my doubts we would reach our goal. We were all so pleasantly surprised when we surpassed our goal, not just for what it means to Friendship Haven but for what it means for our community.

It’s impressive to have several organizations all within a similar time span reach fundraising goals. Not only capital campaign goals, but local events around here are historically successful in their fundraising. We give back, we are generous.

I’m writing this to not only thank you for your ongoing support of Friendship Haven, our capital campaign, and our Good Samaritan Fund, but to thank you for supporting our community. Whether you give of your time or your resources, that is what makes a community special.

The money you give to whatever organization you choose touches your friends, family and neighbors. The thing I love about Fort Dodge is your donated dollar is personal. It’s not sent off to a national organization and you don’t see and hear about the benefits. In our community you feel the benefit.

If Friendship Haven isn’t currently a part of your life in some way, chances are it has been or will be some day. It may be a family member, a friend or a neighbor. We built something that will continue to touch lives for generations, just as so many other great causes have done. Your dollar matters and it changes lives.

Thank you for not only helping us fulfill our dream but for the countless other dollars you give to make our community so special every day.

Julie Thorson

President/CEO, Friendship Haven

Fort Dodge