CCS celebrates American patriots

Community Christian School held its annual Patriot Program Monday.

The Christian school’s preschool and kindergarten classes participated in both morning and afternoon performances.

“We are doing some songs and orations, you could say,” Margaret Shields, CCS dean of students, said. “The kindergarteners are doing the Gettysburg Address, or a part of it. And some fun songs to help our students learn how great our country is, and why we are so thankful to live in America.”

The students performed the songs “Twinkle, Twinkle 50 Stars,” “Flags are Flying” and “13 Original Colonies Rap,” among others.

According to Shields, the program is held in February to observe the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, as well as honor Black History Month.

“We’ve been learning about Martin Luther King Jr., though his birthday is in January,” she said. “With the younger kids, we focus on some of those important people in America’s past and want them to learn that history.”

Through the program, Shields also hopes the students will learn early about citizenship.

“We want our students learning what a good citizen is, learning about patriotism, and seeing how we can support our country through that,” she said.

Jennifer Schild, CCS kindergarten instructor, said the annual program is a way of teaching students about history.

“We like to celebrate our country and learn about the founders, and we also tie it in with black history,” she said. “We always do a program with patriotic themes. Sometimes we do a play, but this year we combined with the preschool and taught them about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. King.”

Schild said such instruction is important.

“Our country was founded with Christian principles, with awesome men that started our country, and sometimes they get forgotten,” she said. “I try to teach them a lot, especially in February, about the founders of our country and the Constitution. The little kindergarteners think they’re awesome.”

The students’ favorite part, Schild said, was learning the Gettysburg Address. Each of its eight students recited a line in the program.

“That was hard, but we decided to modify it and not to learn the whole thing, because that would be very difficult,” she said. “I actually took that from the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Kindergarten Cop.'”

Shields said she enjoyed the program.

“It’s so fun to see the little ones learning songs about America,” she said. “Introducing these kids to the songs, and some of those that have been around for a long time, but really stressing the importance of America and why we’re here.”