FDSH students coordinate drive for homeless

Three Fort Dodge Senior High students are collecting canned goods this week for the homeless.

Juniors Payton Christy, Cynthia Canton and Phoebe Truong are coordinating the effort.

“It’s for our Understanding Social Systems class,” Christy said. “We’re pretty much just planning different ways to help better the community.”

The lesson, though, only asked students to think of an effort to help the community.

“We wanted to actually carry it out, instead of just planning it,” Christy said. “We decided to work with the homeless community, and we wanted to help supply them with food. It’s going to be going to Beacon of Hope and Lord’s Cupboard.”

Fort Frenzy is helping the students in their effort, Christy said.

“We set up an appointment and said, hey, we have this idea. They’re really helpful,” she said. “We got the idea from the (James and Jodi) Lennon Family fundraiser they did there. We thought it would be a good place to start.”

Canton said they were all excited about the effort.

“I feel like it’s a good way to get involved in the community. It’s easy to do. It’s not that hard,” she said. “We had to plan it out, but we didn’t have to go through with it. So we were all excited that we were actually going to go through it.”

Truong said helping the needy in the community is important.

“No matter what they’re still people, too,” she said. “We could all end up like that one day. You don’t really plan these things. If we can help them, maybe one day, if we have friends who see we need help they’ll help us, too. Helping people is one of the best things you can do.”

Canned goods can be brought to the Senior High, or to Fort Frenzy, where a donation of two items can be used for $5 off a two-hour attraction pass.