From our Files, Feb. 24, 2014

Feb. 24, 2004

NEWS: State Sen Jack Kibbie, D-Emmetsburg, announced he would run for re-election.

SPORTS: St. Edmond beat Southern Cal 94-29 in boys basketball.

Feb. 24, 1989

NEWS: Fort Dodge Mayor Mike McCarville read to students at Arey School for the Booster Club’s Family Reading Week.

SPORTS: Albert City-Truesdale beat Sioux Rapids-Rembrandt 79-76 in boys basketball.

Feb. 24, 1964

NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Tjaden moved a former one-room schoolhouse to their famr near Gilmore City and remodeled it into a three-bedroom home.

SPORTS: Kent Osboe became the first Fort Dodge High School heavyweight wrestler to win a state title since 1941.