FDCSD raffles car to fund all ’14-’15 activities

Fort Dodge Senior High is raffling a car to raise funds for all 2014-15 activities and athletics.

According to Matt Elsbecker, FDSH activities director, the single raffle is intended to supplant all other fundraising efforts

“This car raffle is all about the athletic department finding a way to generate money other than door-to-door fundraising,” he said. “We’re trying to supplement our current efforts by our activities, for our athletics, and this is an attempt to do that.”

The raffle kicked off in August, with the high school selling tickets to raffle a red 2014 Ford Mustang. One ticket costs $5, five tickets cost $20, and 15 tickets cost $50.

“It began in August of last year at our football pop scrimmage, and it will end this coming summer, 2014, at our last regular season varsity home boys baseball game,” Elsbecker said.

Fundraising for the 2013-14 school year is taking place concurrently, as the car raffle only raises funds for 2014-15.

“We’re needing the financing for this year’s teams,” Elsbecker said. “Baseball has a dodgeball tournament coming up. Cheerleading is doing candles. Those fundraisers are still going on. What we’re hoping is we’ll generate enough funds to supplement next year’s fundraising efforts.”

The community’s response to the raffle has been positive, according to Elsbecker.

“It’s starting to pick up again. We’re starting to see a break in the weather,” he said. “As we get into March, April, May and June we’re going to see it pick up even more because now we’re getting closer and closer to the drawing. Right now, your odds of winning are very high.”

The benefits of having a single school fundraiser, as opposed to each group doing its own fundraising, are many, Elsbecker said.

“Now you don’t have to worry about fundraising during your season. It’s done. You just go out and participate in your activity,” he said.

“The current fundraising, in a way, saturates the community. They just get tired of, gee, here comes another person trying to sell something. What we’re hoping is, if we can do this in one fell swoop, it will eliminate the saturation that’s taking place.”

The success of the single fundraiser, though, is dependent on the community.

“We’re going to need people to step up,” Elsbecker said. “This is all about supporting Fort Dodge Dodgers. That is what this is all about. My hope is we get into our spring months and people really jump onboard to help Dodger athletics and activities.”

Tickets are available at Fort Dodge Senior high, the Fort Dodge Community School District Central Administration Building and all FDCSD athletic events.