Support Saeed Abedini

To the editor:

It was a privilege to spend an evening of worship for imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Abedini on Feb. 3 at Community Christian School. On Jan. 27, 2013, Pastor Saeed was sentenced to an Iranian prison for eight years, because of his Christian Faith. Pastor Saeed has been in an Iranian prison since Sept. 26, 2012. Unbeknownst to any in attendance on Feb. 3 it was Naghmeh Abedini’s (wife of Saeed) birthday. She responded, “Thank you so much. … I don’t know what to say other than I am truly humbled by all of your prayers and support.”

Beautiful music was sung by CCS student choir, which sang two songs of praise. Sherry Washington, president of Fort Dodge Community Choir, headlined the music. Sherry has created an ensemble of very talented singers directed by Barbara and Jimmy Crooks. It is through Barb’s direction that Sherry and many other choir members can turn a song into a a masterpiece as they did with Vertical Church Band’s “I will follow.” Larry Brandon is so talented on the keyboards, Dean Davis, a drummer in the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shared his talents, and Jeremy Pearson, provided beautiful, deep, melodiously sounds on his bass guitar.

Many Fort Dodge community members prayed and testified recognizing Saeed’s plight and the strengthening of faith. Thank you, Kendrix Usher, Bobby Naylor, Steve Clayton, Pastor and Mrs. Andrew Taylor, Gwenda Naylor, Damion Rudison and Pastor Doug Wolter for taking your time and sharing God’s love to the Fort Dodge and surrounding communities. There were approximately 150 attendees from Fort Dodge, Manson, Belmond, Webster City, Stratford and Humboldt. All of those in attendance were able to provide an approximately $775 gift through a love offering for Naghmeh. Naghmeh who lives in Boise, Idaho, with their two kids – 5-year-old Jacob, and 7-year-old Rebekkah.

The Abedini family is CCS’ adopted missionary family for this school year. This year, CCS has hosted a prayer vigil, a Saeed sing-a-long and students have been sending cards of loving encouragement to Naghmeh, Jacob and Rebekkah and to Pastor Saeed in prison. Many teachers, students, and parents have committed to prayer and fasting for Saeed’s release. If you would like to learn more of Saeed and give towards the love offering for Naghmeh, contact the CCS at 573-3011.

Dr. Jim Seward

Fort Dodge