Dayton on display

DAYTON – Eric Skoglund is rapidly approaching his first year of being in business in Dayton. He took over the management of Don Howe & Son on March of 2012. The company sells and repairs lawn movers, snow blowers and other outdoor power tools.

Wednesday was his second time as an exhibitor at the Dayton Expo. Last year, he went to introduce himself to the community. This year, he exhibited to show the community his gratitude for its support. The event showcases about 30 Dayton area businesses that exhibit in the Community Center.

Skoglund said the Dayton community has been very supportive.

“It’s good that it’s another business that’s staying in town,” he said.

He said the ups and downs of the business have been strictly weather-related. A summer that required little mowing slowed things down a bit for him.

Rob Scott, manager of the Dayton Community Grocery store, used his time at its exhibitor table to do a little multitasking. When he wasn’t visiting with potential customers, he was writing checks to pay some of the bills for the store.

“If I don’t do it today, I won’t get it done,” he said.

Scott is pleased with the support the Dayton community has given the store.

“We’re moved by the support, the community supports us,” he said.

Larry Dencklau, of Vincent, came to the show to speak with Kevin Diehl, owner of Diehls of Dayton. Diehl sells a variety of pumps, valves and pumping systems for agricultural use.

“I’m looking to rebuild my sprayer and upgrade it,” Dencklau said.

Did he come to the right place?

“It looks like it,” he said. “He’s in the running.”

Diehl said that he’s attending all of the previous Dayton Expos, he said they are a good source of leads and that he’s met many clients at the shows.

He said Dayton has been a good community to in which to do business and added that he got lots of support when he started 28 years ago. Diehl is also happy with seeing new business ventures starting up.

“A lot of younger people are trying to start their own,” he said.

While he’s been in business since 1998, Matt Davis, co-owner of Davis Industries LLC only moved into a shop building in Dayton in 2010.

Davis fabricates a variety of add-on parts such as a leveler for agricultural equipment and a slowdown kit for combines. He also does a variety of maintenance work and parts fabrication.

“Dayton has a good business climate,” he said. “They support business very well.”

In addition, Davis also fabricates a variety of signs and other art work on the company’s plasma cutter.

His wife does the design work.

“She gets to play with the CAD,” Davis said. “She’s doing what she wants.”

Roger Hammen, marketing and member services representative for Midland Power Cooperative, was on hand at the Expo. Midland supplies electricity to Dayton. He was lighting up visitors with a display of compact fluorescent bulbs.

“We are out to educate and inform,” he said as he flicked on one of the bulbs.

Hammen said getting people to switch and use the more efficient devices is easy.

“Dayton has always been forward thinking,” he said.

Webster County Supervisor Mark Campbell was on hand to look over the exhibits.

He was favorably impressed.

“Main Street Dayton is growing,” he said. “This community comes together and supports itself.”