New look for FDPD

When people in Fort Dodge see an officer with the police department on patrol, they may notice something a bit different about their uniforms.

That’s because the Fort Dodge Police Department recently began replacing the patches on their uniforms with ones that feature a completely new design.

Assistant Chief Kevin Doty said the idea for the new patches has been something the department has considered for awhile.

“For some time we’ve thought that the patches needed an update,” Doty said. “Several of our officers expressed interest in what they wanted to look like, so we recently started putting a little more effort into designing the new patches.”

The design the department selected was designed by Detective Cory Husske.

“He put together a different design, and we tweaked it a little and made a few changes,” Doty said. “We then found a vendor who took his rendering to make the design.”

When designing the patch, Doty said the officers knew they wanted specific aspects included.

“We wanted them to be the same size as the old patches and we wanted to incorporate the city’s skyline,” he said. “We also wanted it to say ‘Fort Dodge Police,’ and everything evolved from there.”

Officers were very receptive to the new design.

“We liked the idea that it has the skyline and the sun rising on Fort Dodge,” Doty said. “We see it as symbolizing that the community is on the rise.”

The design also incorporated a bald eagle.

“It’s our national symbol, and we have it flying over the city,” he said. “It represents a watchful eye protecting the citizens.”

In addition to designing the new patches, Doty said the department also took the time to update uniforms for some of the officers.

“While working on getting the patches changed over, we’re also doing a thorough inspection of every uniform,” he said. “We’re making note of what needs to be replaced and ordering new shirts, pants and duty belts. We want our uniforms to be the best.”

Not all of the uniforms have been outfitted with the new patches yet, but all will eventually receive the new ones.

“It’s possible that if you see two officers, one of them will have the new one and one will have the old one,” Doty said.

The department has received positive feedback from the new patches.

“Everyone seems to like them,” Doty said. “We haven’t heard anything negative. Everybody likes the design and the colors.”