In FD, ‘Kindness Cupids’

Students are acting as “Kindness Cupids” at Fort Dodge Middle School.

Members of its Friends of Rachel Club are passing along pink cards encouraging their schoolmates to do acts of kindness.

“Rachel’s Challenge is an initiative we learned about last year and have continued at all levels in the schools, through this school year, that really promotes acts of kindness and looking for the good in people and hoping to create a really positive learning environment,” Marni Moody, FDMS counselor, said.

Sixty Kindness Cupids cards were made and then randomly put into student lockers or teacher mailboxes.

“It will have a different task they can do,” Olivia Mitchell, FOR Club student leader, said. “This one is ‘give a compliment.’ And if you give a compliment to some that’s honest, like,’Ooh, I like your hair today,’ then you pass it to them and say keep passing it on. Like a chain reaction.”

Mitchell, an eighth-grade student, has already received a Kindness Cupid.

“It was ‘open the door for someone.’ I did that,” she said. “And then I gave it to them, and it’s still going somewhere.”

The activity serves two purposes, Moody said.

“First of all, it’s complimenting someone or giving them something they can feel good about themselves about,” she said. “And secondly, really promoting that idea of paying it forward, that if someone does something kind for you, in turn you can do something kind for someone else, to illustrate how create a chain reaction of kindness.”

The ambition of the FOR Club is to make positive changes in the school, Moody said.

“It really gives students the opportunity to set some goals for how they want their school to be better, and it gives them a voice,” she said. “Basically, the kids have determined the things they want to see change in the school.”

According to Moody, the goal is an attainable one.

“If you look at how many adults we have in the building … we’re considerably outnumbered by students,” she said. “Students have significantly more power to create positive change, and they’re doing that through many different activities.”

Moody said it is heartening to see the students embracing such efforts and actively being kind.

“I heard an eighth-grade student in the hallway asking some of the FOR Club kids where the Kindness Cupid came from. And she said ‘it made my day,'” Moody said. “And that’s the whole idea behind it, to brighten someone’s day.”

The FDMS FOR Club students will continue sharing Kindness Cupids through Feb. 21.