Webster Co. sups pay for signs, receive treasurer’s report

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved a transferal of funds to pay for E911 signs at the wind turbine sites during its regular meeting Tuesday.

These are the small blue address number signs located at every building in the county, said Supervisor Clark Fletcher; each wind turbine is required to have one. Normally the signs are paid for from the E911 fund out of taxes on phone bills. However, since the wind turbines don’t have their own phone lines, the fund would not be reimbursed. Instead, the supervisors decided to pay for the signs out of money received from building permits for the turbines.

The board voted unanimously to transfer $2,316.75 from the Rural Services Basic fund to the E911 fund for the signs. Supervisor Bob Singer was absent.

The supervisors received and filed the Webster County treasurer’s semiannual report for the period of July through December 2013.

“There were no big changes,” said Treasurer Jan Messerly. “It’s about the same as last year.”

The supervisors also filed the appointment of Pat Peterson as Roland Township trustee.

Peterson was appointed due to a vacancy, said Carol Messerly. Township trustees are the governing body of a township, and oversee taxes, fire service and sometimes cemeteries within their jurisdiction.

Vincent Mayor Lyn Adson weighed in regarding the Webster County Telecommunications Board during the time set aside for items not on the agenda.

Adson said the city of Vincent is not in favor of turning over the telecommunications board to the city of Fort Dodge.

“We would prefer to have the county take it over,” she said.

The board oversees the dispatch center, located in the Law Enforcement Center in Fort Dodge, that takes calls for the sheriff’s office, and all city police and fire departments in Webster County.

The telecom board is currently not a city function or a county function, said Supervisor Merrill Leffler, who serves on that board. Instead, the board is its own entity, and operates under a 28E agreement with the county and the cities in the county.

Leffler said there is some preliminary talk of the board becoming part of the city, or the county, in order to provide health care.

Nothing has been decided yet, he said.

“It is so premature, nobody knows which direction it’s going to go,” Leffler said.

For full video of the meeting visit youtube.com/messengernewsdotnet.