Praises Almost Home

To the editor:

Eight years ago, a neighbor informed me of a dog a couple houses down that was being abused. The dog’s name was Emilee. The owners didn’t want her anymore so they put her on a chain in their backyard without food, water or shelter. I was appalled at what I saw – a poor, ravaged dog, her ribs and backbone showing on a short chain baking in the 100 degree sun.

She looked at me and put one paw up as if to say “help me.” That broke my heart. I took her and left a note with my phone number. No one called.

Paul and I brought her to the vet and learned she had heartworms. Surgery cost us $500. Then we took her home to meet our dogs, only to find that our dog Mercedes and Emilee didn’t get along. We had to keep them separated, but worked with both dogs for two years, hoping they would get along. Then Paul passed away and it was difficult to handle both dogs by myself. Then I thought I found a good home for Emilee, only to recently discover they too had been abusing her the past five years. I got her from them and found myself in a predicament. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t bring her home because of Mercedes.

Thank God for Almost Home animal shelter. Emilee was in terrible shape; they took her in – helping her to get healthy again. Emilee is a sweet, calm dog and still loves people despite what most people in her life have done to her. If it wasn’t for Almost Home, I don’t know what I would’ve done. This shelter is a godsend for dogs and cats until they find their forever homes. Fort Dodge is truly blessed to have such a wonderful place for these homeless and sometimes abused animals. It’s a beautiful place and the employees are very caring, wonderful people that take good care of these animals. There are so many gorgeous, incredible dogs and cats there. Please Fort Dodge, show your support for our shelter through donations or becoming a volunteer, and before shopping for a pet, check out the shelter.

If you know anyone that is looking for a great older dog, Emilee is the one. She deserves another chance to share her love with a forever home.

Margi Brownfield

Fort Dodge