FDMS students make Valentines for veterans

Fifth-graders at Fort Dodge Middle School spent last week making Valentine’s Day cards for veterans.

Breah Ewing, FDMS instructor, said the students began working on the project on Monday.

“The kids really enjoy working on these, because we talked about who the veterans are and why they are so important to us,” Ewing said.

The students’ efforts did not end with the week, though.

“We will continue working on it until next week,” Ewing said. “And I will deliver the valentine’s on Wednesday to the VFW.”

The fifth-graders chose a variety of styles for the holiday cards.

“Some of them, they’ve been using construction paper and stickers, and different colors of glitter,” Ewing said. “We also have some sayings we’re writing in the cards, as well.”

By the end of the week, the students had created many Valentine’s Day cards.

“I have a huge manila envelope full of them already,” Ewing said Thursday. “So we’re probably at over 50 plus.”

Ewing said she was proud seeing how engaged her students were while at work on the project.

“I’m excited about how they have that many valentines completed,” she said. “I also extended an invitation out to other teachers in the building, and hopefully some of them will complete some valentines and send them down, too.”

Through the project, Ewing hopes to instill a lesson in her students.

“The lesson I’d like them to know is that it’s just a little special valentine we can send to the veterans,” she said, “so that they know we still remember them, and thank them for their service.”