Pocahontas fighter pilot featured in recent book

First Lieutenant William F. (Billy) Brinkman, of Pocahontas, is featured in a recently published book by Tony Crawford, of Dallas.

Crawford’s book, “The Search for Miss Deal and The Early Raiders on The Reich” tells the story of Crawford’s uncle who was reported Missing in Action during World War II. The uncle had trained with Brinkman, but did not fly with him due to catching the mumps.

Brinkman was pilot of a B-17 and was killed in action when his plane crashed over Germany.

“The German pilot hit him head-on,” Crawford said. “Normally they would fire their cannons, then roll upside-down and try to get away from the B-17 as quickly as possible. This one put its wing through the window.”

Brinkman’s plane crashed in a meadow one kilometer north of the fighter base in Marx, Germany. He and his deceased crew were given a German military funeral and interred in the New Cemetery at Bad Zwischenahn, Germany.

He is now buried in the Clinton Garfield Cemetery in Pocahontas County, Crawford said.