Tipping advice

To the editor:

Many people are unaware of the appropriate amount to tip and are still tipping 10 percent, which might have been OK 10 years ago. Just like the price of milk and gas going up, the percentage of tipping has gone up. The appropriate amount to tip a server or anyone giving you a service is 15-20 percent of the total bill. The total amount is the total before any coupons or discounts are taken off the bill and before tax. Servers make only $4.35 an hour; they depend on your tips to survive, having families, bills, and everyday needs. Servers give you a service and would like to be awarded the service they give.

There are many things that are going through your head right now: What if the food is not up to your standards, the service did not meet expectations, the wait was too long, the prices are too high, etc.? These unfortunately happen, but shouldn’t be taken out on the server. A lot of these situations are out of the server’s hands. If the prices are too high and you can’t tip the appropriate amount, don’t eat out. If the service is slow, cut the server some slack if the restaurant is busy and realize they are working to please more than just you. Talk to a manager if your visit did not meet your requirements and they will make it right.

Being a server is a difficult job and thankless job at times, especially if you get a $5 tip on a $58 ticket. Ouch. They just served you your drink, brought you your meal, filled your drink, made sure that you liked everything, maybe got you dessert, then picked up your dishes, and cleaned your table after you left. This is just to educate you on the appropriate amount to tip in 2014. If you go on the Internet they have websites on tipping etiquette and can explain a lot better than I can in this short letter.

Jessica Nelson

Fort Dodge