100 Women Who Care will donate to AFES

A group of 100 women in Fort Dodge are working together for a cause -to give to charities that are important to them – and they are working to give in a big way.

Marti Doyle said she first learned about the cause, called 100 Women Who Care, on the news and knew it was something that could be made possible in Fort Dodge.

“They did something like it in Des Moines,” she said.

Doyle has helped head up efforts to raise $10,000 for the group’s first donation.

“I knew this was something we could do in Fort Dodge.”

The premise is simple, but the impact is big. One hundred women donate $100 and a cause is selected to which they donate the $10,000.

The recipient is chosen by secret ballot when the group meets.

“Everyone can speak for a charity they like,” Doyle said. “We put the name of the charity in a fishbowl and draw three. The women whose charities we select have 10 minutes to speak about their charity and then we select one. Last time we had AFES, the YWCA and Gateway to Discovery and selected AFES as our recipient.

AFES stands for Athletics for Education and Success.

On Thursday, the group will meet at AFES to present the donation to Director Charles Clayton. The funds will go toward Project Slam, a fundraising effort to build a new gymnasium facility on the AFES campus, located in the former Hillcrest Elementary School.

Each woman will write a check to AFES.

“The idea is each woman writes their own check, it makes it simple; there is no overhead and no bookkeeping to it,” Doyle said. “What amazes me is the simplicity of it. You may not think $100 goes very far, but when you all band together, that’s a large donation.”

Doyle hopes the cause will spread and more women will get involved.

“It’s easy,” she said. “Any woman can be part of this. We will meet four times a year and everyone will give $100 each time. I’d love to be able to say we are 100-plus women who care.”